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[Guide] Zombie Scenario Mode

19 May 2011

Zombie scenario mode

In the middle of the fight between the Terrorist and the Counter-Terrorist, the zombies started to appear on the roof top of the buildings and begin charging down towards both parties. This is no longer a war between the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist, the human has to join forces to survive the upcoming battles with the undead.



Objective: Survive 20 rounds of zombie attack.

The difficulty level will increase with the number of zombies multiplying for each round. Different types of zombie will appear time to time with different capabilities, such as healing allies around them and many more. 

To survive in this battle, upgrading of health and attack level is inevitable. Use the cash earned from killing the zombies and purchase it from the buy menu.  

Each level of upgrade will increase your maximum health point or firepower by a certain amount to a maximum of 40 levels. Survive for 20 rounds and get rewarded!

A couple of new maps are added for the survival round:

Lost City:

Double Gate:


Other than the survival mode, try out a brand new game play for the zombie scenario mode in the Pursuit map, The Last Clue - a mission style concept, which requires you to clear obstacles and complete the tasks.

Here’s a brief description of the story line and the game play.

The Last Clue:

While searching the construction site, you and your team found the deceased Andrey and the note grasped tightly in his hand. The note points to a certain location in the city and this might be the place to find the final clue.

Objective 1: Travel to the location while trying to survive the incoming zombie attacks.

Objective 2: Defeat Phobos.


The Beginning:

You start in a buy zone at the beginner of the map. Gear up yourselves and head forward just around the corner only to be stopped by a barricade:

Destroy the barricade while surviving the oncoming zombie attacks.  You will receive cash from dealing a certain amount of damage to the barricade.

There are multiple barricades to destroy before reaching the said location. Upon destroying the final barricade and entering the building, you will be relocated to a room. Phobos will appear in this room.

The finale:

Defeat Phobos and a reward awaits you.

Tips: Avoid fighting head on with Phobos. It is capable of killing with 1 hit.



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