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[Coded Box] New Loots: XM2010, TRG White Gold, USAS12 Camo

21 Mar 2012

Code Decoder Rare Item Double Probability

Twice The Chance Of Getting Your Rare Items

Hurry! For a Limited Time Only!

Check Out the New Loots In Town



A reconfigured version of the M24 sniper rifle and chambered with .300 Winchester Magnum, it provide approximately 50% additional effective range. With the ability to kill in one shot and higher accuracy compare to other sniper rifle, look like a gem for the sniper has arrived.

TRG White Gold
The TRG-42 is a sniper rifle that uses the .338 Lapua Magnum round. Designed as a precision tool, all details are honed to near perfection to satisfy the most demanding shooters. It has excellent penetration which makes all Kevlar useless. Now comes with limited White Gold Edition! Grab yours now before it's gone!

USAS12 Camo

USAS-12 is a 20 rounds shotgun that can be fired automatically. It does moderate damage but heavy in term of weight. 

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