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[New Weapon] AN94 and M16A4

09 May 2012


Are you a fan of Captain America or the Black Widow? Tough choice isn't it? But not so much in CSO, as you will be able to get your AN94 and M16A4 and our new weapon package set. However you will need to earn your right to use these weapons, as you need to be at least an Second Lieutenant (lvl 18) and above to use it.



The AN-94 is an assault rifle which can only fire in two-round bursts. Nevertheless, it has high accuracy and high rate of fire to become your favourite weapon. Its high rate of fire and accuracy make it one of the most deadly assault rifle in middle range and it is used by the Terrorist.


The M16A4 is an assault rifle which is only available to fire in 3-round burst. It has medium accuracy and does high damage due to its caliber and shooting mode. Beside that, it has an amazing speed in reloading and it is used by the Counter-Terrorist.

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